2014 Brian Atwood Stylish Shoes

In order to walk the red carpet, stars are very concerned about their dress, the brand company also take their products publicity, once the stars wear their brand name clothes to walk the red carpet, all the media company will take the pics and write the article to report, and the clothes and cosmetics are known in public, the fashionable influence is very wide, the brand name will be well known, the red carpet information will occupy the first headlines at the major networks next day, businessman will get profit because of the star's red-carpet style advertisement, diverse brand dress, but nothing less than the shoes worn by stars from several major footwear brands. If there is careful attention, you will find, in addition to the common Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin outside, Brian Atwood is also the brand footwear stars are prefer to. As design director of Bally , who launched Brian Atwood footwear brand, founded his own namesake series, the new Cinderella, once launched, will be awarded the favorite of many Hollywood stars in 2001. In the brand new 2014 spring and summer series, Brian Atwood that sexy high-heeled sandals, platform shoes and other iconic have a new color. Brilliant colors have been a main color in spring and summer accessories, but in addition to the colorful outside, Brian Atwood launched a primary season sexy black and gold shoes, which will be trendy items in 2014. Through the stars’ propaganda, the series of shoes will be popular.